Clear Aligners


Invisalign Gold ProviderQ. How long does treatment with clear aligners take?

A. Treatment time depends on the severity of the orthodontic problem, but usually lasts 6 to 18 months.

Q.Is Everyone a candidate for Clear Aligners treatment?

A. No, Everyone is different. Aligners are for minor tooth movement and do not always correct the patient's bite, which is what ensures a long term stable healthy smile. Dr. Kudchadker will determine if you are a candidate for clear aligner treatment.

Q. Is there a certain number of hours I should wear my aligners?

A. Wear your aligners as prescribed by your orthodontist. We recommend wearing them for up to 22 hours each day - removing them only to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

Q. While I am wearing clear aligners, are there any foods I cannot eat?

A. Since you are to remove your aligners when you eat, there are no food limitations.

Q. Will I experience any discomfort while wearing aligners?

A. There will be some pressure and minor discomfort for a day or two after each initial insertion. This is a sign that your teeth are moving sequentially into their final position.

Q. Are there any activities I should not do while wearing aligners?

A. To avoid discoloring your aligner, we recommend that you not smoke while wearing aligners. We also recommend removing your aligner before chewing gum because the gum will stick to the aligner.

Q. What is the best way to clean my aligners?

A. To keep them fresh and clean, brush your aligner daily with toothpaste.

Q. If I am wearing aligners, how often do I need to see my orthodontist?

A. At the beginning of your treatment, your orthodontist will set up a schedule of your appointments, which will be every 5 to 6 weeks.

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